Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fairy Godmother Nominees

Our FAIRY GODMOTHER nominations have been received and are listed below. Please take a moment to vote for your choice on the right of this blog.

Kim Butler

Kim Butler first began serving for an organization called Healing Hands for Haiti ten years ago. She has taken two weeks of her life every other year to travel to Haiti with a team of doctors, nurses, and therapists. She is the organizer of the team and takes months to plan each expedition. It is not a job for the faint of heart. She is a true inspiration to every person that travels with her on these trips. She has triaged patients for twelve hours, planned a funeral for a neighbor next to our clinic, and held the hand of a young girl as she got her finger lanced without an anesthetic. The people of this country have become like a second family to her. In the aftermath of this past year's horrible earthquake, the first thing she did was to start planning her next trip. This October will make her sixth journey. One year, on a day hike to a citadel atop the mountains of the beautiful country, Kim walked with her porter the whole way and told him of her experiences in his beloved country. As they were walking he asked, "Do you listen to God?" Kim humbly replied, "Yes, I try to do what He tells me." He looked her in the eyes and said: " You must listen to God. He whispers to people to come and help the people of Haiti."

Dana Earl

"Hi. I've been thinking about you".

This is the way Dana Earl begins most conversations with family, friends and acquaintances. The remarkable thing about this trademark remark of Dana's is she does think of others, all the time. And while she is thinking of others, she comes up with wise, constructive, creative, thoughtful and funny solutions to problems and opportunities. Sometimes her thoughts are communicated verbally to that person in need. Other times she is out putting her thoughts into action with small gifts, acts of service, or often a concise and beautifully handwritten note expressing her love and concern. She uses the many natural gifts and talents she has to bless and brighten the lives of others. And her selfless offerings are always appropriate and appreciated. Dana is a friend to young and old. She makes everyone feel as if they are the dearest person in the world. She is a mentor to young women and a confidant for older women. Dana serves in her church and school community. She makes the world a better place by helping others to find sunshine in the clouds.

Marge Pett

Marge Pett has touched hundreds of lives in her community with her generosity and talents. An accomplished artist, cook, gardener, and master of all things beautiful, Marge is famous in her neighborhood for delivering treats, flowers and thoughtful conversation to those around her. She has befriended people of all ages, from all walks of life, and is widely adored by her neighbors, family and friends.

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