Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Photos

Because I can't figure out how to add a slideshow at the moment, try this link to see this year's Fairy Festival photos (by Shirlene Van Rij). More will be added soon!

Fairy Godmother Announcement

Congratulations to Kim Butler, the very deserving 2010 recipient of the Fairy Godmother Award. We can't wait to see the sparkly outfit she comes up with for next year's event when she passes the wand!


Thank you for making this year's Fairy Festival a huge success! We hope that you had a great time at the event this year in the land of the fairies.

A special thank you to the many people who helped create the fairy tale.

To our sponsors:

Ivory Homes
Vincent & Rees

To other businesses who made generous donations:

Erin Westenskow Berrett Fine Art
Jeff Pugh Fine Art
So Cupcake
Carlucci's Bakery
Keeping Up Cookbook
J.J. Potts
Dylbug Onesies
Pyper's Quilts
Chef Greg's Kitchen

And the many volunteers:
Debbie Barton
Brynn Barton
Erin Barton
Erin Westenskow Berrett
Mary Cahoon
Liz Clark
Bus Couch
Carolyn Crawford
Carolyn Crawford
Dana Earl
Mary Earl
Christine Eccles and girls
Danielle Ferrin
Marcia Ferrin
Brooke Gatti
Sarah Goodson
Sharon Gough
Greg Gough
Gentry Gygi
Natalie Hanson
Laurie Hathaway
Holly Hawes and girls
Tracy Hopkins and girls
Maggie Ivory
Katie Ivory
Rachael Ivory
Emily Ivory
Faith Ivory
Chris Ivory
Natalie Jensen
Callie Jones
Marilyn Jones
Allie Kesler
Freddie Kesler
Kay Krivanec
Carolyn Lithorst
Melanie Mayer
Melanie Mayer
Laura Lee McDonald
Jane Metcalf
Sarah Metcalfe
Jeremy Neff
Jayme Nielsen
Brynn Nygren
Rachel Omer
Julie Prince
Jeff Pugh
David Rees
Grace Rock
Liz Scalley
Emilee Shafizadeh
Rachel Stohlton
Ann Tempest
Debbie Tempest
Sara Tempest
Diane Tempest
Liz Tempest
Hannah Tempest
Grace Tempest
Claire Tempest
Todd Troutwine
Annette Turville and girls
Shirlene Van Rij
Matthew Van Rij
Kathleen Zenger Nilsen
Rochelle Warner

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain or shine

The Fairy Festival will go on despite any inclement weather. In case of rain, wear your galoshes and come enjoy s'mores and hot chocolate. The fairies won't let a little rain spoil their fun! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fairy Festival Tickets

Tickets for this year's Fairy Festival are available through Paypal. Click on the link to the right of this post. Can't wait to see you Thursday!