Thursday, August 23, 2012


We have received four inspiring nominations for the Fairy Godmother this year. Please take a minute to review the nominations below and vote in our poll to the right or leave a comment. 

Linda Hill
Linda was first diagnosed in 1980 with cancer.  She was told she would never have children.  Now, 32 years later, she's a mother of seven and even a grandmother!!  She has had several forms of cancer since her original diagnosis (and is still being treated today) and has lost many major organs (her stomach, parts of her colon, both her breasts, etc.).  She is one of the most vibrant women I know.  She started a company called somuchmore that sells really cheeky t-shirts with cancer-themed sayings on them and a portion of the sales comes back to HCI.  She's in the process of re-vamping her business, but you can check out her website here.  You can also watch this amazing video about her here.

Kathy Howa
Kathy is a long-time breast cancer survivor (diagnosed in 2002) and a coach at Rowland Hall.  Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, she has created a foundation called Swing for Life that empowers young men and women through sport to raise funds for cancer research.  All of those funds go to breast cancer research at HCI.  She hosts several "pink" games throughout the year, throughout the state and nation (softball, football, basketball, etc.). You can find out more about her and her foundation here Here's an article about her, too.

Marge Pett
When Marge and Stu moved to Millbrook they could smell the horse dung
There were a few houses but they were spread out and far flung,
The Petts defined Canyon Way 
With character, charm and cache
From which good things and good people have sprung.

But before moving here Marge had done quite a lot
Went to Bryant, and then East - boys considered her hot,
To the U and Pi Phi
Where Stu caught her eye
Then life changed forever when four kids were begot.

She worked in advertising and travel but her true love was art
But that would come later after kids and a business upstart,
She and Pattie founded Knit Wits
A tax write-off she admits
But a diversion from her little sweethearts.

Many years later when her kids flew the nest
She went back to the U to pursue art with some zest,
Her oils were bold
But her watercolors sold
Allowing Stu to kick back – take a rest.

Marge is now 92 but still active and daring
She took to my swing – her grandkids were staring,
O’er the river she flew
With a gleeful  ‘woohoo’
Leaving us awed and inspired and glaring!

-Limerick by Homer and Rochelle Warner

Carol Skeen
Carol is a gem of a lady! At 80 years old, she says that every day is the best day of her life! She wakes up every morning and bakes or sews in the morning and delivers her gifts in the afternoon. She makes the most amazing jewelry, purses, and clothing. She has become famous in our family for her handmade bags and aprons which she generously makes with the recipient in mind and adorns with her signature stuffed hearts. And she never visits us without bringing a huge plate of cookies tied up in cellophane with tons and tons of ribbons.

Carol is a real treat! And if you are looking for someone who exemplifies service and a positive attitude in the most fairy god motherly way, she's your girl! I know she would take that title to a whole new level. She would be there with bells on...and wings, and shoes, and earrings, and glitter and a fairy kidding!

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