Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fairy Parade to the Festival

Calling all fairies! The Fairy Festival is at a new location this year (just two blocks west at 1576 Millbrook Road) and we'd like to make sure you arrive in style with a new tradition.

Please join us at 4:45 PM on Monday September 8th to participate in a walking FAIRY PARADE that will follow the Fairy Godmother past a dozen fairy homes to the new location.

Please meet at William Penn on Siggard Drive and wear your costumes. We hope to see you there! (There will be tickets for sale there so you can walk right into the Fairy Festival).

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 Fairy Festival

Please join us for the 7th Annual Fairy Festival on September 8th. We are so excited to visit a new fairyland with you! This year, all of the proceeds will be donated to The Road Home, one of the most important causes in Salt Lake. 

You can purchase tickets ahead of time via the link on the right of this post. We welcome any donations for the Fairy Market and Sweet Shop and would love to have volunteers if you are interested. To get involved, email

See you next month!